Hello, I'm Jason Lebrecht and I lead Business Development, Sales, Product Development and Consulting efforts for 5G, MEC and other Complex IT Solutions Organizations

Jason Lebrecht's Bio:

Jason Lebrecht has 20+ years experience leading Complex Solutions; Consulting, New Business Development, Sales, Product Development, Architecture, Engineering, Delivery and Operations in the IT Solutions Industry. This experience permits Jason to have a unique blend of technical and business knowledge. With his background in Sales, Services and Operations, he can speak to complex solutions with technical and non-technical contacts, in a manner that makes sense for all backgrounds.


Jason has led starts-ups within larger organizations. For those business units he performed market research, obtained ecosystem detail, spoke to industry contacts, built business plans, business case scenarios, designed final solution portfolios, obtained funding approvals, built partnerships, hired and managed resources. Jason has led product & full solutions development from inception through the build phase, to delivery and operations.    


Jason has expertise in; 5G, MEC, IoT, Telematics, Cyber Security and Infrastructure Solutions in Virtual Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud, PaaS and SaaS software solution environments. All solutions are protected with Cyber Security Methodologies (12 years managing several Teams 24X7 at Verizon, 4 more years running 24X7 Complex Business Units at other Organizations with ITIL ITSM V2 & V3 Foundation Certification and an MBA)

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Jason Lebrecht's Interests & Activities:

Jason Lebrecht enjoys spending time with his wife and son the most. Jason is known to have an enormous amount of energy and chooses to focus the rest of his time on researching technology markets, identifying technology solutions and building business units which are designed to solve business problems and increase company revenue. He believes that; 5G, MEC, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Social Robotics, Autonomous Anything and the 3D Printing Industries are going to continue to grow significantly these next few years. For fun, Jason Lebrecht enjoys watching NASCAR because he is still amazed that a pound of air can take a car going 200 MPH from the rear of the field, to winning the race in just a few laps. www.linkedin.com/in/jasonlebrecht/ Please contact Jason Lebrecht at; JasonL35@gmail.com 916.251.9051