Hello, my name is Jason Lebrecht, I lead Business Development, Product Development, Solutions Architecture and Consulting efforts for 5G & Edge services including MEC, IoT, Managed Services and other Complex IT Solutions

Jason Lebrecht's Bio:

Currently leading Verizon's 5G Edge/MEC solutions, Jason Lebrecht has over 20 years experience leading Complex Solutions; Consulting, New Business Development, Sales, Product Development, Architecture, Engineering, Delivery and Operations in the IT Solutions Industry. This experience permits Jason to have a unique blend of technical and business knowledge in an influential position. With his background in Sales, Services and Operations, he can speak to complex solutions with technical and non-technical contacts, in a manner that makes sense for all backgrounds.   Jason Lebrecht has led starts-ups within larger organizations. For those business units he performed market research, obtained ecosystem detail, spoke to industry contacts, built business plans, business case scenarios, designed final solution portfolios, obtained funding approvals, built partnerships, hired and managed resources. Jason has led full solutions development from inception through the build phase, to delivery and operations.       Jason Lebrecht has expertise in; 5G, MEC, Edge, IoT, Telematics, Cyber Security and Infrastructure Solutions in Virtual Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud, PaaS and SaaS software solution environments. All solutions are protected with Cyber Security Methodologies (12 years managing several Teams 24X7 at Verizon, 4 more years running 24X7 Complex Business Units at other Organizations with ITIL ITSM V2 & V3 Foundation Certification and an MBA) www.linkedin.com/in/jasonlebrecht/

Jason Lebrecht's Experience:

  • Associate Director Solutions Architects at Verizon

    5G and Edge Solutions

  • Sr. Manager Solutions Architect - 5G & Edge at Verizon

    5G & MEC / Edge Sr. Manager for Verizon Business Group Global Presales

  • Principal Solution Architect at Verizon

    5G and MEC Center of Excellent Lead in the Verizon Global Community of Practice Organization for Verizon Business Group.

  • Customer Service Agent, Ramp Lead/Trainer at America West Airlines

    Customer Service, Aircraft loading/off loading logistics, flight preparation and sign off. At AWA, I ran Operations as the Load Master and was the Field Office Trainer for all Ramp Duties.

  • Emerging Technology Consultant at Verizon

    Key IOT and Emerging Technology resource tasked with recognizing and remediation of; process, procedure, technology & communication issues across Verizon organizations. Identified and developed key relationships within the company and external partnerships to contract, implement & operate advanced solutions for this new Verizon IOT & Emerging Technologies business unit. • Recruited by Executive Leadership to join, help develop and implement a new IOT consulting team • Asked to train and support Sales and Solution Architects focused on advanced PaaS services • Built Emerging Technologies sales and expert consulting channels through all Verizon focused entities • Developed and implemented nationwide micro-segmentation marketing initiative for Verizon solutions • Assisted in the evaluation of new solution capability for integration into the Verizon strategy roadmap • First employee in the nation to design, implement and bill for the Verizon Intelligent Video solution • Sold Utility Industry meter solution focused on new solar market into large utility in the Pacific • Verizon IOT expert for the San Francisco Innovation Center’s, Enterprise Executive Business Reviews • Recognized by SVP for positive process improvement efforts via corporate recognition initiatives • Built and delivered Nationwide Micro-segmentation use cases for Verizon's key SaaS mobile first unified communications solution

  • Worldwide Business Segment Manager at HPE

    Worked with Converged & Hyper Converged Systems, Cloud and HPE Software Solutions.

  • Executive Director at Concannon Business Consulting

    Executive Director at Concannon Business Consulting, a boutique consulting company servicing global Fortune 500 companies. Our services focus on developing client strategy and managing the execution of client strategy. Consultants are focused on strategy, business analysis, organizational change management and project management to deliver relationship based world class consulting results in the IoT, Telematics and M2M Ecosystems. Concannon Business Consulting has continued growth in the following industries: Automotive, Market Research, High-tech, Software, Telecommunications, Semiconductor, Oil and Gas, Health Care, Media/Entertainment, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Hospitality, Aerospace, and Logistics. Currently providing Consulting Services to a US Top 20 Carrier delivering new PaaS and Mobile Application Solutions in the the IoT Industry

  • Director of Business Development at Sensing Data

    SENSING DATA is a unique consulting company focused on New Business Development, Product Development, Channel Management, Sales, Market Research, and Managed Services dedicated to the Internet of Thing (IoT), Industrial Internet, Telematics and Secure Infrastructure Solutions Ecosystems, with Wired and Wireless Solutions all working together in a Public or Private Cloud Environment. My role at Sensing Data is to identify opportunities that help clients isolate and develop their best solution capability, identify new business, sell solutions, find and/or manage new partners, identify products and solutions that solve business problems or save clients money. Solution Experience with embedded devices, sensors, networking equipment; wired and wireless, communications, enterprise class systems, applications and data bases. Unique ability to support clients securely from end point data collection/equipment, over any network, to back-end infrastructure including; Private or Public Cloud Solutions, Big Data Systems with Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics for Actionable Information.

  • Director of Business Development at Applus+ Technologies

    As Director of Business Development for Applus+, I had the responsibility for identifying, directing, developing and implementing, enhanced solutions to improve and expand the organization's strategic market position worldwide. Managed business development, product development, channel management, engineering and operations resources, responding to and winning multi-million dollar proposal opportunities Successfully built M2M & Security Lines of Business for Applus Directed Sales, Engineering & PMO resources for new lines of business Identified and developed channel relationships for Applus across the company Directed all proposals for new lines of business across all internal & external resources Researched profitability for and stopped efforts on unprofitable line of business, which allowed more resource focus on core business success Key Highlights: Established Applus in New Lines of Business Built $35 million+ funnel in the Telematics/Machine-Machine (M2M) space Built $50 million+ funnel of Systems Integration projects Partnered with multiple M2M & Security application and hardware vendors Created go-to-market Telecom Carrier strategy. Achieved Applus+ Tracker (OBD) Sprint & Verizon Certifications Developed solution, win themes and winning proposal to $7 million Utah Emissions managed service business Initiatives: Identified Applus core skill-sets for carrier channels (OBD experience). Worked with carrier relationships to identify best market opportunities utilizing core skill-set. Designed Applus Product Road map for Light-duty, On and Off Highway HD markets. Identified Sales opportunities in Track and Trace/RFID and Remote Data Collection opportunities; including the Oil and Gas Industry. Facilitated building and supporting relationships and Sales with Telematics Partners including; Intelligent Transportation, Distracted Driver, Fleet Management, Infotainment, Track and Trace, Mobile Workforce Management, LBS and RFID Ecosystem Partners

  • Sr Account Manager/Alliance/Business/Product Development at Verizon Business

    Worked on M2M Telehealth Managed Service Program with partner INTEL Supported the WA Sales Team with developing a solution response for the Seattle City Lights M2M Smart Meter Program Closed over $10M in opportunities with Daimler, Chrysler and CA EDD Managed Service opportunities. Major contributor in securing Hosted Managed Service opportunities with Kaiser and Jet Blue for Verizon Developed and managed resources for the Verizon Physical Security Practice (obtained Cisco ATP Certification for all of Verizon) identifying C-level relationships by building and managing strong channel partnerships with industry leaders such as BMC, Cisco, Oracle, Siemens, Parsons, Milestone, Panasonic, Bausch, Genetec, Pivot 3, Anixter and Intergraph GIS Key Highlights Established Verizon in a New Line of Business Built $100 million + in Security Solutions Built $50 million+ funnel of other Systems Integration opportunities Partnered with multiple application and integration vendors. Managed all proposal response opportunities across all required resources Closed $10 million in business with Daimler Chrysler and Mercedes Closed $5 million in hosted managed service business with state of CA EDD

  • Senior Technical Manager of Operations at MCI

    Primary responsibility to lead over 20 Operations team members to deliver 99.95% uptime to Verizon Business customer systems and supporting applications Delivered 5 consecutive years of 99.95%+ Infrastructure uptime, exceeding customer SLA objectives. Member of IT Process Improvement Management Team responsible for development & implementation of ITIL Service Management Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration and Release process methodologies including Business Continuity. Provide strategic technology, training and budgetary planning input to the Director/VP executive staff for all aspects of the operational technology for Incident, Problem and Change Management Departments, as well as Business Continuity. Helped reduce incident mean time to resolution by managing change and problem reductions and directing consistent and repeatable processes and procedures

  • Manager Operations at MCI

    Managed Technical Support, Data Base Analysts, Surveillance Team and Production Control Team. Design and implementation of repeatable process for production change/release implementations. Began writing technical and business responses to customer requests for proposals.

  • Supervisor Operations at MCI

    Supervised 24X7 surveillance team and Technical Support Helpdesk Managed all escalations, future planning including employee coaching and scheduling. Helped implement HP Suite of surveillance tools and Remedy trouble ticket and change software.

  • Technical Support at MCI

    Technical Support for state customers and constituents Provide major incident updates and technical solutions to all customers Was asked to lead new project implementations for Technical Support

Jason Lebrecht's Education:

  • University of Phoenix

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • University of Phoenix

    Bachelors of Science in Management
    Concentration: Mangement
    Activities: Communications focused with group activities
  • Sierra College

    Associate of Arts
    Concentration: Football

Jason Lebrecht's Interests & Activities:

Jason Lebrecht enjoys spending time with his wife and son the most. Jason is known to have an enormous amount of energy and chooses to focus the rest of his time on researching technology markets, identifying technology solutions and building business units which are designed to solve business problems and increase company revenue. He believes that; 5G, MEC, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Social Robotics, Autonomous Anything and the 3D Printing Industries are going to continue to grow significantly these next few years. For fun, Jason Lebrecht enjoys watching NASCAR because he is still amazed that a pound of air can take a car going 200 MPH from the rear of the field, to winning the race in just a few laps. www.linkedin.com/in/jasonlebrecht/ Please contact Jason Lebrecht at; JasonL35@gmail.com 916.251.9051